Comprehensive Religious Program in the Catholic Tradition


St. Catharine Feast Day Celebration

St. Catharine School provides a Catholic education rooted in the formation of Christian values. Our educational environment challenges and encourages children and parents to participate in the formation of a positive and moral learning environment. The children participate in regular classroom religious instruction and weekly liturgical celebrations. They prepare and receive the Sacraments of First Communion, First Reconciliation and Confirmation, in a celebration with their class and family.

Solid Curriculum and Strong Standardized Test Scores

For over 100 years, St. Catharine students and staff have been serious about learning. Year after year, 100% of our students have scored at or above their ability in nationally-normed standardized tests. Our eighth graders achieve an average NCE score in the top 15% nationally in math and reading! In math and science, 100% score in the top half of the nation, over half score in the top 25% of the nation! All of our teachers are certified by the State of Ohio and over half of our teachers have a Master’s degree or higher. Our curriculum is accredited by the Ohio Catholic Schools Accrediting Association and is aligned with the Ohio Department of Education.

Kindergarten: Full Day Program

Kindergarten is an essential part of the educational experience for children. This is where a foundation for learning is developed and fostered. Our lessons are planned to meet the wide range of children’s developmental needs, but still focus on the academic skills needed for development during kindergarten. Academically, we emphasize the basic skills in reading, writing, and math. Students are taught that reading also includes phonics and comprehension skills. In mathematics, students work on counting, addition and subtraction, problem solving, patterns, graphing and comparing. Communication skills are also taught, such as listening and expressing ideas. While academic success is essential, it is also an important part of our kindergarten program to encourage social development in our children so they feel good about themselves and others. You can find more detail on the kindergarten program by clicking on the Kindergarten Page of this website.

Advanced Interactive Technology

Ascend SMS: One of the best features of the Ascend SMS program is that it enhances parent/school communication. Using the internet, parents can access student performance information (test scores and homework grades), communicate with teachers, review homework posted online, track assignments and daily attendance and receive an automated email progress report.

Smart Boards are a cross between a laptop, a white board and an overhead projector. Teachers can call up documents, images and even web pages on the computer screen which is then projected to the entire class. Students can manipulate the images on the large screen or use an electronic pen to make notations on the screen for the class to see. To assist absent students or to review material, teachers can save marked up images and distribute them by email or post on the web site (Ascend). Parents and students can then see what was covered during class and how it was presented.

All classrooms have a computer and are connected to the internet. An extensive computer lab is available for all students to use. Additional workstations are available in the library for students to conduct research and complete projects. The library, which is fully computerized and automated, houses over 11,000+ volumes, one of the largest in the area.

Teachers and Staff

All of our teachers are certified by the State of Ohio and over half of our teachers have a Master’s degree or higher. Many of our teachers have won awards for their teaching skills and dedication to the children. We also provide a School Psychologist, LDL Tutor, Librarian, Reading Tutor, Math Tutor, Nurse, Music Teacher, Art Teacher, School Secretary, Teacher Aides, and a Physical Education Teacher.

Educational Offerings: Science Lab, Art, Music, PE, Band, Spanish, Library and Computer Lab

flutesStudents in all grades have access to our impressively equipped science lab. Students, using safety equipment, have numerous opportunities to conduct science experiments and explore science theories. Each week students attend Art, Music, Physical Education, Library and Computer Lab classes taught by specialists and highly trained staff members. These classes enhance student education and provide cross curricular experiences. Our school also provides private band lessons to those students interested in learning to play a variety of instruments.

Accelerated Reading

Accelerated Reading (AR) is a program that is designed to promote a love of reading. All students are encouraged to participate in the program and receive incentives for their personal achievements. This reading management software program provides teachers with an effective way to monitor all forms of guidedreading practice, get detailed, objective data to target instruction and ensure success for every student, regardless of level.

Welcome Atmosphere

under_seaSt. Catharine School is a cheerful, warm and inviting place. The St. Catharine Art Gallery showcases the creative work of our students. Art items are matted and framed, or displayed in a showcase located on the main floor near the office. There are also murals in the library and Kindergarten classrooms. Our latest work “Under the C” transformed our downstairs hallway into an ocean scape. Parents, staff and students are continually working together to improve St. C the building, and St. C the community—and having fun doing it!

Hot Lunch Program

A unique feature of our school program is our daily hot lunch program. Hot lunches, which are prepared on site, are available daily. The menu is posted in our weekly newsletter or click on the Lunch Menu tab of this website.

After School Child Care

Safe and secure after school child care is provided whenever school is in session. Students are supervised immediately upon dismissal and may stay until 6:00 pm. Included in the daily fee is a snack, various recreational activities and time to do homework.

Sports, Clubs and Extra Curricular Activities

lector-girlOur school is dedicated to continued improvement of our facilities. We have a full-size gymnasium with a newer hardwood floor, dedicated art and music rooms and an impressive library. Our school offers many extra-curricular activities. Students may elect to sign up for Football, Basketball, Volleyball, Track, Soccer, Baseball, Softball, Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, Power of the Pen (Creative Writing), Bible Bowl, It’s Academic (Scholastic), Band, Dance (Ballet, Tap and Jazz), Speech, Music Lessons, Student Council, Altar Attendant, Mass Lector, Children’s Choir, Skating Parties, Fun Nights, Young Authors, and Junior High Dances.

Tuition, Tuition Assistance and Voucher Program

Please call the school at 481-7683 or click on the Tuition and Financial Assistance tab for the most updated information on current tuition fees. Rates are based on one child. Discounts are offered for in-parish families enrolling multiple children. Be sure to ask if you are eligible for discounted rates.

  • F.R.E.S.H. Fund (parishioners only) – Tuition assistance for persons whose income meets the qualifying criteria. More detailed information can be found in the office.
  • Voucher Program – We are accepting children who currently attend public schools that qualify under the voucher program for the State of Ohio. Please call the office at 481-7683 and we will be able to help you with criteria for this program and check your eligibility.
  • High School Tuition Scholarships – The parish, Athletic Association, and the PTA offer academic-based scholarships to qualifying 8th grade students.

Our Parish Community

St. Catharine is a very active parish with a strong sense of community and many ways to become involved:

  • Church Festival
  • Fish Fry
  • Ice Cream Social
  • PTA
  • Auction
  • Mardi Gras Family Celebration
  • School Committee
  • Athletic Association
  • Adult Sports
  • Christmas Concerts
  • Siena Series – Chamber Music Concerts
  • Lent/Easter Choral Presentation
  • Church Choir & Musicians
  • Mass Lector
  • Communion Distributor
  • Bible Studies
  • Parish Picnic
  • Project Lazarus
  • Family to Family Christmas
  • Parish Council

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