At St. Catharine, we work hard to make our high-quality, Catholic education affordable for every family wishing to attend.

We accomplish this through a variety of scholarships and supports.


Ohio EdChoice Program

The Ohio Educational Choice Scholarship (EdChoice) Program provides students from underperforming public schools the opportunity, through scholarship funding, to attend participating private schools. The program also provides low-income students who are entering kindergarten through 12th grade scholarship opportunities.

Many St. Catharine families participate in the EdChoice program. Full details about the scholarship are available here. Our incredible office staff are well-versed in the program’s details and happy to walk eligible families through the process.


Parish Subsidy

Tuition at Saint Catharine is charged at the rate of $4,600.00 per student per year, when the true cost of education for a child at our school each year is $6,200. St. Catharine Parish generously provides this tuition discount by subsidizing the tuition rate for each student.


Financial Assistance for Saint Catharine Parishioners

Although we do not offer a multi-child discount for tuition, financial assistance is available to St. Catharine parishioners through the parish FRESH Fund. Parents may apply for financial assistance as needed when enrolling for each school year.


Financial Aid from the Archdiocese of Cincinnati

The Archdiocese of Cincinnati offers tuition assistance to any family wishing to attend a Catholic school. Eligible families can be awarded up to $1,100 per student to attend St. Catharine next year. Funds will be distributed based on the assessed financial need of families and will be without distinguishing between families based on religion or parishioner status. For more information about this opportunity, please click here. [LINK TO:]


Tuition Rate and Payment Options

The cost of tuition is currently $4,600 per student per year. For families paying the full tuition amount, payment may be divided by 10 and paid at the rate of $460/month from August through May each school year. St. Catharine accepts checks, cash, money orders, and credit cards.