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Weather conditions or another emergency could require school to be closed on a given day. In the event of inclement weather that would necessitate the closing of school on a given day, the following plan will be in effect for the current school year.

Please listen for these announcements on Radio or TV

1. Oak Hills Local School District is closed.
Saint Catharine School will be closed.

2. Oak Hills Local School District is on a Two (2) Hour Delay
Saint Catharine School will be on a two (2) hour delay and will begin at 9:40 a.m. (supervision of students will begin at 9:10 a.m.) .
Dismissal on two hour delay days will be at the regular time.

3. Oak Hills Local School District is closing early
Saint Catharine School will follow Oak Hills early dismissal plan.

4. Early Dismissal
When weather is questionable during the school day, it is possible that we will dismiss early. Although all possible effort will be made to contact parents through our One Call Now system, it is the parent’s responsibility to check the local news (television, radio, internet etc.) for information regarding an early dismissal.

5. Cincinnati Public Schools are closed, Oak Hills is open
If Cincinnati Public Schools would be closed and we are open or on a delay, there will be no bus service. All bus riders would be required to find alternate transportation to and from school.