Saint Catharine of Siena School believes that every child is first and foremost a child of God. Each child receives a balanced education at our school with the Catholic faith as its center and foundation. A balanced education includes the areas of academic, artistic and physical development accompanied by personal and spiritual development. As a Catholic School, we are committed to the formation of Christian values, especially virtuous behavior, as well as academic excellence.
Our program is fully accredited by the Ohio Catholic Schools Accrediting Association (OCSAA) and is aligned with the Graded Courses of Study for the Archdiocese of Cincinnati.



Our students receive instruction in Religion, English Language Arts, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, Visual Arts, Music, and Physical Education. These instructional areas are supported by our School Library and Computer Lab.

Students in grades K-3 are in a self-contained classroom. These students are primarily instructed by one teacher with the support of specialists in Art, Library, Music, Physical Education and Technology.

Students in grades 4-5 begin to change classes and have two teachers for daily instruction. One teacher is the Language Arts Teacher and the other teacher instructs students in Math and Social Studies.

Students in grades 6-8 are departmentalized. These classes use a block schedule, which means that their core classes – English Language Arts, and Math/Science are scheduled together each day.



Each classroom, K-8, is equipped with a Smart Board. We have an updated Computer Lab that has 32 individual student stations for whole class instruction.  Each of our communities has iPads for classroom use. We also have 25 lap top computers that the 6-8 grade students use in class.



Every member of our teaching and teaching support staff is licensed by the State of Ohio. Not only are our teachers highly qualified to teach core academic subjects, they are also trained catechists who are committed to faith formation in each one of our students.