Students in each grade level at St. Catharine School receive developmentally appropriate academic instruction in English, language arts, mathematics, science, social studies, and religion.

These core areas of instruction are supplemented with visual arts, music, physical education, and technology, taught by specialized teachers. All of these instructional endeavors are supported by our school library and computer lab.

Our academic program is fully accredited by the Ohio Catholic Schools Accrediting Association (OCSAA) and is aligned with the Graded Courses of Study for the Archdiocese of Cincinnati.

Our learning communities

Our grade levels are grouped according to age and academics, with three distinct learning communities housed in their own area of the school. These learning communities allow for peer collaboration and interaction among grade levels, a hallmark of St. Catharine’s warm, engaging environment.

Primary: Grades K-2
During these critical years of early learning, students receive academic instruction primarily from one main teacher in a self-contained classroom, with support staff as needed. Students visit other areas of the school building for specials, along with regular trips to the computer lab and school library.

Intermediate: Grades 3-5
Our intermediate students begin the process of learning from multiple teachers according to academic specialty. Third graders observe fourth and fifth graders change classes. Fourth and fifth graders learn language arts from one teacher, math and social studies from another. These students continue to benefit from specials and the support of the library and computer lab.

Junior High: Grades 6-8
Students in junior high are taught according to department. These grade levels operate on block schedule, meaning their core areas of instruction – English, language arts, math, and science – are scheduled together each day and students travel to different classrooms to learn from teachers according to their area of expertise. Junior high students continue to benefit from specials, visits to the library, and the technology afforded by our computer lab.

Technology is built in

We are committed to 21st century learning to equip our students for today’s world. Technology is integrated into nearly every area of our teaching. Each and every classroom in our building is outfitted with a Smart Board. Our Computer Lab houses 32 updated student workstations to allow for whole class instruction.  Each of our learning communities have iPads for classroom use, and we maintain laptop computers for our students in junior high.