Do You Plan to Volunteer?


The Archdiocesan Decree on Child Protection requires that all employees and volunteers who have contact with children register and complete an online training session with SafeParish, the Archdiocese of Cincinnati Child Protection Platform.  In addition, registrants must complete an online  background check before working or volunteering with children. Once these steps are completed, participants must remain compliant by completing quarterly interactive video bulletins.  

As part of the Decree, employees and volunteers must submit to a background check.  Volunteers are no longer required to be fingerprinted, however, they must complete a background check online with from within their SafeParish account.  

Teachers, clerics, staff and those who have lived outside of Ohio must still be fingerprinted, in addition to completing the online background check.  Teachers will need to be re-fingerprinted every five years.  Fingerprinting is handled by  Visit their website at  Check the Calendar link at the top of the page for dates and locations for their Mobile Fingerprinting Unit (or you can go to either of their permanent locations).

The cost of the background check is $25, and is paid for by the parish using prepaid Fastrax Tokens.  Each token has a corresponding number much like a “coupon code.”  Before completing the online background check, you must contact the Parish Office at 661-0651 or email to receive your Fastrax Token number to use for payment.