This section of the Web site celebrates the stories, lives and photos of the last 100+ years, and the dramatic changes and challenges that have made St. Catharine of Siena the remarkable community it is today.

For your enjoyment, below is a timeline of milestone events in the Church’s history:

1903 — Father Joseph Tieken is appointed pastor of St. Catharine Church and celebrates the first Mass.

1904 — Archbishop Elder dedicates the new St. Catharine Church and school building. St. Catharine School opens with 28 students.

1923 — Archbishop Moeller dedicates the new St. Catharine Church, twice the size of the first church.

1924 — The first school addition with four classrooms is dedicated; the old church becomes an auditorium.

1955 — The second school addition adds eight new classrooms and a full cafeteria on the lower level.

1962 — The Second Vatican Council initiates great changes in parish life.

1965 — A new gymnasium and classroom building is added to the school including six classrooms in the lower level and two on the third floor; the third floor auditorium becomes the library.

1978 — St. Catharine Church celebrates its Diamond Jubilee with the installation of a new Schantz pipe organ with 44 ranks and 2,400 pipes.

1990 — St. Catharine Church undergoes a complete restoration and cleaning process; the sanctuary is enlarged to accommodate the liturgical changes of Vatican II.  Archbishop Pilarczyk blesses the new altar and rededicates the newly renovated church.

2003 — St. Catharine Church celebrates its Centennial Jubilee.

2004 — St. Catharine School celebrates its Centennial Jubilee.

2011-12 — The parish celebrates the 550th Anniversary of the Canonization of Catharine of Siena, 1461-2011.